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*sussuration cap
*sussuration cap
<h2>Mulling Ideas</h2>
<h2>Mulling Ideas</h2>
* mini UPS/failover to phone line power for an embedded system (see Sheeva above) to landline ... feasability & legality study...
:dialtone on a phone is typ. 45v * 23mA, ~1 watt... hmm
*wiki search improvements
*wiki ness general improvements..  (replace some default resources with Nb created resources)
*Mobile FM Silent Mobile Movie party  & better name.
*Mobile FM Silent Mobile Movie party  & better name.
*Music & Harmony bootstrapping
*Music & Harmony bootstrapping
==SSH PubKey==
==SSH PubKey==

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Ronald Miloh Alexander

I'm aka 'froggytoad' on the Noisebridge irc channel.
or email miloh at froggytoad pünct net


  • Portable Payphone project v1.0 is a Payphone pedestal to be installed at the Frankenart Mart
  • unlocking linksys ATA adapters... egads a whole bunch of sys/admin services have to be run for simple unlocks of linksys equipment, good to learn though
  • $sudo pop including lots of Yerba Mate Brewing.
Taragui quick brew: 1:10 ratio Mate to water at 80C-85C, steep 7 minutes, filter and strain.
  • Sensebridge
  • Fortune Cookie Cutter (a python project)
  • SheevaThing The Sheeva plug at Noisebridge. Finding out what it would be good for...


  • Light Tent proselytizing at Noisebridge
  • Learning Chinese
  • misuses (hopefully 101) for the Sheeva Plug
  • revolutionEar (DIY megaphone)
  • sussuration cap

Mulling Ideas

  • Mobile FM Silent Mobile Movie party & better name.
  • Music & Harmony bootstrapping

SSH PubKey

 ssh-dss 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 miloh at froggytoad dot net

==adduser stanza==
 # adduser --shell /bin/bash --uid 31513--gecos 'Ronald Miloh Alexander' rmiloh
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