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I'm used to be a member at noisebridge. I'm super fascinated by machine learning, economics, China, new space, the maker movement, personal growth, synthetic biology, green investing, and many many more things.

Stuff I do:
Maker Festival Toronto's independent Maker event, in 2016 we had 14,000 attendees and over 100 makers
Hacklab.TO A hackerspace in Toronto where I am president and serve on the board. I'm also kitchen steward and make awesome Vegan Dinners for all the starving hackers at every open house
Venus Labs a not-for-profit with a mission to research and evangelize for the cloud-city colonization of the planet Venus
Quantified Self Toronto, Long Now Toronto and DIYbio Toronto, my meetup groups.

Stuff I have done:
Sensebridge - hobby company that made open-source compass-anklets (North Paw) and electric jewelry Jetalon - liquid chemical sensors for semi-conductor manufacturers
Digital Crusader - personal blog, now defunct (again)
StumbleUpon - I was the 4th founder, but I left after a year - back in the dot com boom, when they community aspirations and open source code bases...

(lapsed domains of old projects - these are dead) X Prize Cars - blogging about the $10,000,000 Automotive X Prize
Meta Civilization - thinking about civilizations from a transhuman perspective