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Hi, my name is Mike, and I'm interested in helping people learn about Machine Learning and more generally, Mathematics. My background is Computational Neuroscience, Machine Learning, and Software Development.

I started coming to Noisebridge in 2010 and helped revive the Machine_Learning group.

From 2010-2012 I helped keep the group organized, giving talks and encouraging people to come in and speak about their work.

As of November 2013 we are restarting the ML group. Although I feel comfortable teaching advanced topics, my main focus will be to provide a solid basis in the relevant math and programming required to do data analysis, for people new to ML from widely varying educational backgrounds.

I strongly support Noisebridge's anti-harassment policy. Having worked in Science and Technology for over a decade, I'm aware of gender and race disparities that plague the fields. I hope that there are things I can do to help foster a fun, inclusive educational environment, and am interested and open to ideas and suggestions on how to do that.

Associate Membership Endorsements

  1. J.C. (signed on 11/5/2013)
  2. Kevin Schiesser (signed on 11/5/2013)
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