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Hello! My name's Naomi. I became a Noisebridge member on August 25, 2009

My username means "No True Hacker [Most]", in reference to the No True Scotsman Fallacy.

That's not actually true; "nthmost" is a contraction of my real name's initials to make a math pun.

But the history of edits on this page by a Tor-protected troll reveal that some people at Noisebridge believe the following:

  • No True Hacker writes to the mailing list about what they've done at the hackerspace.
  • No True Hacker prioritizes coming to the Tuesday meetings.
  • No True Hacker works on planning and organizing more than "hands on events".
  • No True Hacker has life commitments (like a job and a child) that make it challenging to spend physical time at the hackerspace.

The aforementioned troll apparently sees no irony in accusing others of not doing enough at the space whilst they waste their time trolling the wiki.



Right now I'm busy with the SecWG and the CommunityWorkingGroup. I came up with the FractalWorkingGroup concept which has been so far a success in that we haven't had a single meeting yet.

My FOSS projects in Python:

Tech I like to use:

  • AMQP
  • liquidsoap + icecast
  • Asterisk PBX
  • Raspberry Pi

Streaming Radios I Host

Here are some radios I host.

Live studios:

Mutiny Radio


Feliz Navidad Forever

Radio Loki

I use liquidsoap to sculpt the station, Python to wrap it, and icecast to stream it.

Public Keys

My public RSA key.

/etc/passwd entry

$ sudo adduser --gecos 'Naomi Most' --shell /bin/bash nthmost
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