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In no particular order and incompletely, I like riding motorcycles, 3d printing, welding, programming, sewing & other forms of craft, reading science fiction, playing music (but not so much just listening to it), staying up late, painting, playing pool, learning Chinese. In the hack space I hope to do more electronics projects and learning, particularly collaborative projects, and paint a mural on a wall.

Contact me at rachel -at- xtreme -dot- com (how smart are address harvesters these days?)

$ sudo useradd rachel -gecos "Rachel McConnell"

ssh-dss AAAAB3NzaC1kc3MAAACBAN9bAUPzlUdhF7sJqV2yxdeOleUVU69vqgwcqYGBMhOGgqcKF7WMO6jvBiZEX+SaFMxN7uMOcDostW902bgh2gq//iGPpvivSNLBPu5lXOn9nO7bfRaFsxOqHKzc/69NGniY 0m7N3G7LbZ3npgC1kpU/nfGZAOM8tiVrz6zCd4n9AAAAFQCq02YxqzfyAdlEKUWPiXcznh2w9wAAAIEAmJeApOmkH2KN6Rwkj3yC0rTxObPyID9EXH3wuYX3KRcN0i+rCCKdANXcdm1k+gqhpWPUrZ0YGfSjItHS nZcdhiHXxEYP7e6z1P2Jqjled9tdaTZI0zgR2bG+9dXrra9r//S7j9Cm/quO/WCJWMAow4BJeMqvVJX5ZqSfudYPFkUAAACAfcgqDmM7wHKiFz5pOo0qhWqQYdaQHkTPg3kfV+c9gLMM/ze0+dQ4LsqDySvH4T8n +PrpQ+5Gd+crrNBbhy891fSJvrq1nYdt2Ofr6eCeb1N5qtmABvSox5zxo4w2eFaCuNSbPGXQ7i+oxjfEefbf0PlGZ0iynORcr1ipm/PBhoA= rachel@centipede.local

or maybe you are thinking of the other Rachel? WE ARE SIMILAR BUT DIFFERENT

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