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Ordained minister (not preacher), worldbuilder, hacking social issues
Occasionally on IRC.
== The Foundation for the Preservation of a Dissociative Society ==
By Reverend Mitchel “Mik” McAllister
Jessica thinks she’s beautiful
As she puts paper flowers in her hair
And waves to the paparazzi
Walking past on the red carpet sidewalk
Michael thinks he’s famous
As he sings in the bus stop concert hall
And thanks the Academy
For another whiskey bottle Oscar
Ashley thinks she’s an artist
As she paints the air with strokes of her hands
And basks in the silent accolades
Of the blind critics who walk right through
Christopher thinks he’s a genius
Taking apart the broken abandoned radio
And builds a time machine
For the bored investors getting off the train
Brittany thinks she’s a philosopher
On the cusp of quantifying the soul
And discourses with a hundred Prousts Sartes Descartes
Incapable of speaking the same language
Matthew thinks he’s a pundit
Updating his Friends on Facebook
And propounds on the state of the world
As they click to the next page about kittens
The passers-by think they’re important
Each a queen a president a general a celebrity
And ignore the invisible voiceless creatures
Sleeping on the sidewalks doorways benches lawns
Everyone thinks they are human
And each one is the only one
© 2012 by Mitchel “Mik” McAllister and LunaText Publications. Permission to copy and distribute is granted, as long as the whole work is distributed, and only for purposes devoid of self-aggrandizement.

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