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Ordained minister (not preacher), worldbuilder, hacking social issues
Occasionally on IRC.
== The Foundation for the Preservation of a Dissociative Society ==
By Reverend Mitchel “Mik” McAllister
Jessica thinks she’s beautiful <br />
As she puts paper flowers in her hair<br />
And waves to the paparazzi<br />
Walking past on the red carpet sidewalk<br />
<br />
Michael thinks he’s famous<br />
As he sings in the bus stop concert hall<br />
And thanks the Academy<br />
For another whiskey bottle Oscar<br />
<br />
Ashley thinks she’s an artist<br />
As she paints the air with strokes of her hands<br />
And basks in the silent accolades<br />
Of the blind critics who walk right through<br />
<br />
Christopher thinks he’s a genius<br />
Taking apart the broken abandoned radio<br />
And builds a time machine<br />
For the bored investors getting off the train<br />
<br />
Brittany thinks she’s a philosopher<br />
On the cusp of quantifying the soul<br />
And discourses with a hundred Prousts Sartes Descartes<br />
Incapable of speaking the same language<br />
<br />
Matthew thinks he’s a pundit<br />
Updating his Friends on Facebook<br />
And propounds on the state of the world<br />
As they click to the next page about kittens<br />
<br />
The passers-by think they’re important<br />
Each a queen a president a general a celebrity<br />
And ignore the invisible voiceless creatures<br />
Sleeping on the sidewalks doorways benches lawns<br />
<br />
Everyone thinks they are human<br />
And each one is the only one<br />
<br />
<br />
© 2012 by Mitchel “Mik” McAllister and LunaText Publications. Permission to copy and distribute is granted, as long as the whole work is distributed, and only for purposes devoid of self-aggrandizement.

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