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(Upcoming Noisebridge Projects)
(Current Projects)
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* [[NoisebridgeiPhoneApp | Noisebridge iPhone App]]
* [[NoisebridgeiPhoneApp | Noisebridge iPhone App]]
* [[MaleFigureDrawing| Male Figure Drawing Sessions]] - stay tuned!
== Upcoming Noisebridge Projects ==
== Upcoming Noisebridge Projects ==

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I like to do things, build stuff and learn and hack stuff.

I'm an Associate Member. of Noisebridge

I encourage collaboration between Noisebridge, SudoRoom and Rock Paper Scissors Collective


Personal Philosophy

I favor doing things and collaborating. I come to Noisebridge to hack because it is a hackerspace and was made for hacking.

I don't have time to listen to pitches, presentations, promotions or commercials.

If I'm wearing my headphones, I am focusing, since I come to Noisebridge to hack and since it is a hackerspace that is what you do.

I like people who do things.

Associate Member

I'm currently an associate member.

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Noisebridge Projects

I'm working on these

Current Projects

Upcoming Noisebridge Projects

Learning To-Do List

Vinyl Cutter

Jesus I keep talking about learning how to use this. Does anyone have notes from the last class? Can we just take photographs or something?


Thank you all for getting me back on track. I still suck, but at least I am trying!

We will one day realize my dream of forming a goth girl skateboarding crew.


If I'm wearing headphones it usually means I'm concentrating. Don't be offended if I don't want to talk.

I prefer doing stuff to listening to a lot of long speeches, presentations, etc.

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