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== Current Projects ==
== Current Projects ==
* [[Noisebridge iPhone Fixit App|Fix Noisebridge App]] Fix Noisebridge, Educate people on Noisebridge, Maintain tools at noisebridge, more
* [[NoisebridgeiPhoneApp | Noisebridge iPhone App]]
* [[MaleFigureDrawing| Male Figure Drawing Sessions]] - starting March 2014
== Upcoming Noisebridge Projects ==
== Upcoming Noisebridge Projects ==
* [[MaleFigureDrawing| Male Figure Drawing Sessions]] - stay tuned!
* [[Zines]] wiki
* [[Zines]] wiki
* [[Silkscreen]] Wiki
* [[Silkscreen]] Wiki
* Noisebridge pirate anarchist & goth girl [[Snowboarding]] & Skateboarding crew
* Noisebridge pirate anarchist & goth girl [[Snowboarding]] & Skateboarding crew
= Learning To-Do List =
== Vinyl Cutter ==
Jesus I keep talking about learning how to use this. Does anyone have notes from the last class? Can we just take photographs or something?
== Skateboarding ==
Thank you all for getting me back on track. I still suck, but at least I am trying!
We will one day realize my dream of forming a goth girl skateboarding crew.
= Hello! =
= Hello! =

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I like to do things, build stuff and learn and hack stuff.

I'm an Associate Member. of Noisebridge

I encourage collaboration between Noisebridge, SudoRoom and Rock Paper Scissors Collective


Personal Philosophy

I favor doing things and collaborating. I come to Noisebridge to hack because it is a hackerspace and was made for hacking.

I don't have time to listen to pitches, presentations, promotions or commercials.

If I'm wearing my headphones, I am focusing, since I come to Noisebridge to hack and since it is a hackerspace that is what you do.

I like people who do things.

Associate Member

I'm currently an associate member.

  • Sponsors
  1. Jake
  2. Alexandra
  3. Johny Radio sponsors Romy as associate member
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Noisebridge Projects

I'm working on these

Current Projects

Upcoming Noisebridge Projects


If I'm wearing headphones it usually means I'm concentrating. Don't be offended if I don't want to talk.

I prefer doing stuff to listening to a lot of long speeches, presentations, etc.

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