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I like to build things. I'm a member of Oakland's SudoRoom and am learning 3D printing there as well.

One thing that is very precious to me is my time. I'm constantly setting boundaries so that I can focus on achieving meaningful goals. I'm getting better at being nice about this. <3


Noisebridge Projects

  • I'm helping out with the Noisebridge Beginning 3D printing group - 3DPrintBeginners
  • I love programming iPad and iPhone apps. I just love objective-C. We are lone wolves and get attacked by the open source community let us band together and create quality products!
  • Messing around with arduinos and wearable electronics
  • Making art
  • I like dance

What do I Offer

  • I like to have fun, I guarantee you I am fun
  • I speak German (fluently), beginning Japanese and Russian
  • I can draw things. I will help you draw things.
  • I love programming iphone apps. there are very few of us and we get ganged up on a lot. stick with me and we can do great things. I like to make great products
  • I'm into nerd skateboarding. Involve me in something that is not part of any commercial skate shop, mainstream skate scene. Do not talk to me about longboarding. skate with me but do not even begin to pretend there is a place for me in any skate scene in which i can grow as a meaningful human being.
  • I'm into nerd snowboarding. Do not pretend that there is a place for me in the commercial snowboarding scene.

Good patterns

  • Collaborate with me
  • teach me something, I will teach you back
  • Help me improve noisebridge
  • teach me how to skate without mansplaining or using me to promotey our incredibly talented skate career
  • make stuff with me


People are going to ignore all this stuff but I might as well set my boundaries. =D

  • Do not talk endlessly to me about some neat start-up or amazing projects or websites for kickstarter projects, it is especially offensive if you are not involving me directly in your project. There are other people who have the time to help you promote your kickstarter project. you should pay them. it's called marketing <3 Marketing usually costs more than inventing something and producing it. You do not "deserve" millions of dollars becuasey ou can produce a decent hack. Most of the reason people get millions of dollars is because they are strong product, not technology, people and plow a lot of money into marketing and advertising. Often the toughest thing about making a great software or hardware product is making something that is stable, bug proof and sustainable that a team of non techie people can work on without you. Great product companies are run by people you consider boring suits and office slaves who do all the sh***work you feel you are too smart to do. great companies are borne of QA people slaving away and doing the crap and not getting any glory. It is about people like me who evangelize and tell everyone how great you are and eat dinner with people even though we are tired, and work with conservative people so you don't have to. ROCK ON
  • Do not hijack any meetup groups I'm at so that you can get free advertising for your API / platform / kickstarter.
  • Do not use me to get free PR for your cheezy games and art festival that offers me no collaboration or direct involvement.
  • Do not take me less seriously than the guys when I'm doing electronics. This happens at a lot of hackerspaces I'm at.
  • Do not spam my email or waste my time advertising a privately funded wearable art technology non-profit that offers me no collaboration and just wants to use me for more free advertising and marketing.
  • Do not pressure me to join a religion or a particular ethnic group. Just because someone is born into a particular ethnic group does not mean they are locked into that culture forever, subject to that group's whims, and it certainly does not mean that it defines who they are.
  • Do not try to influence me to develop android products, I am an iOS Developer.
  • Do not use me as a platform to advertise the latest start-up
  • Do not involve me in your political platforms, leftist movements, social justice issues. I do not work in politics. I do not feel motivated to listen to your gigantic self righteous rants about the way the world is. I'm probably a lot smarter than you think, but I'm polite and I won't poke holes in your theories because it's a waste of my time.
  • Do not pressure me to use lowrider bicycles or longboards.
  • I am not into amateur psychological experiments. Save that for other people. I have had the "best of the best" and it is really boring and tiresome. If you really must why don't you look in the mirror and experiment on yourself?
  • I will not de facto connect you to rich and powerful people. if i could do that do you think i'd be as poor as i am now? do not approach me assuming you can use me to get access to someone who is "important"
  • Do not try to use me to advertise a private company /restaraunt / non-profit / political organization. If you are being paid to do so please provide full disclosure. I can sniff that stuff out pretty well. Often I will deliberately avoid visiting a legitmiately good restaraunt / cafe / music festival if someone is being paid to promote it. This is marketing 101
  • Do not pressure me to advertise junk food or eat a particular kind of food.
  • Do not pressure me to use a 3D game system engine. I do not like 3D games.
  • Do not use me to further the business and political agendas of a particular city or region without giving me full disclosure and involving me directly with my permission. I'm still trying to disentangle myself from San Jose.
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