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I like to do things, build stuff and learn and hack stuff.

I'm applying to be an Associate Member at Noisebridge.

I encourage collaboration between Noisebridge, SudoRoom and [Rock Paper Scissors Collective|].


Associate Membership Application

I'm currently applying for an associate membership.

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  1. Jake
  2. Alexandra

There are a few people who haven't officially endorsed me yet but have offered. Is there a deadline for this kind of thing?

Upcoming Noisebridge Projects

Learning To-Do List

Vinyl Cutter

Help me obiwan you are my only hope

I do something that is not exactly skateboarding but something else (nerding). it is completely unrelated to any multimillion dollar corporate action sport, or social scene.

I am stuck right now, because I snowboard and my style is keeping me from progressing. I just can't seem to get my feet off my board. If you have time I can pay you for lessons and coaching. please contact me, I am at noisebridge a lot.


I have very little interest in seeing presentations of people's projects, listening to lots of speeches or participating in giving free publicity and PR to various endeavors. I am not interested in promoting musicians or creators that I do not personally know at Noisebridge or SudoRoom. Time and attention are a precious and limited resource to me. Collaboration is the best way to get to know me.

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