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[[Image:Rubin - all the donuts - by Audrey Penvin.jpg|right]]
I have been living a nightmare for 9 months. In these last 9 months i have taken laxative after laxative and stool softeners (all prescribed ones)  as well as senna, dulcolax, dulcosate, fibregel, movicol etc. I have been hospitilized 7 times in this period and each time i recieve 3 daily hot oil enemas and a solution called picolax (usually used before bowel surgery) 3/4 times daily. I have even had a litre of bowel cleanser. I eat a fairly healthy diet and have introduced more salad and veg into it. I have tried every herbal remeday, old wifes tale solutions and all prebiotic drinks on the market. All of this to no avail.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
I HAVE NOT HAD A SINGLE BOWEL MOVEMENT IN 8 MONTHS NOW and was in total despair with different drs giving me different advice. One saying eat fibre one saying dont and such like.  
Last week i tried colonic irrigation. i was a new woman, for a couple of days anyway. I am now having colonics weekly along with weekly hot oil enemas and daily laxatives. And STILL no change...
I suffer terrible pain and abdominal distension. I feel nauseos constantly and generally tend to vomit after eating, and when really bad, after drinking anything too. I am constantly tired and my eyes are becomming almost jaundiced.
I have had a top layer bowel biopsy and this has come up normal.
=Rubin Starset=
I am at a complete loss and wondering if anyone has had similar experiences or can offer any help??
Hi, I'm Rubin. Most of the time my hair is colored bright. I enjoy helping to create moments that force people to question their notion of reality. If you search hard enough, you might be able to find out more about me. Though if you're lazy, you could just go [http://rubin.starset.net here].
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