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I have been living a nightmare for 8 months. In these last 8 months i have taken laxative after laxative and stool softeners (all prescribed ones) as well as senna, dulcolax, dulcosate, fibregel, movicol etc. I have been hospitilized 7 times in this period and each time i recieve 3 daily hot oil enemas and a solution called picolax (usually used before bowel surgery) 3/4 times daily. I have even had a litre of bowel cleanser. I eat a fairly healthy diet and have introduced more salad and veg into it. I have tried every herbal remeday, old wifes tale solutions and all prebiotic drinks on the market. All of this to no avail. I HAVE NOT HAD A SINGLE BOWEL MOVEMENT IN 8 MONTHS NOW and was in total despair with different drs giving me different advice. One saying eat fibre one saying dont and such like. Last week i tried colonic irrigation. i was a new woman, for a couple of days anyway. I am now having colonics weekly along with weekly hot oil enemas and daily laxatives. And STILL no change... I suffer terrible pain and abdominal distension. I feel nauseos constantly and generally tend to vomit after eating, and when really bad, after drinking anything too. I am constantly tired and my eyes are becomming almost jaundiced. I have had a top layer bowel biopsy and this has come up normal.

I am at a complete loss and wondering if anyone has had similar experiences or can offer any help??