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hi, i'm ryan bagueros. i do a lot of things:

  • i'm co-founder of san francisco community colo, a non-profit colocation facility that provides at-cost server colocation to other non-profits, community groups and free software projects. while we are for the most part fiscally solvent through our model, we DO need financial help as well as network equipment donations. we also need volunteer sysadmins who can help eat away at our open ticket list.
  • i'm co-founder of linefeed-dot-org, a non-profit developers network that provides technology support for 21st century socialist projects. if you are interested in offering your programming, sysadmin, web design or project management skills pro bono to projects like this, get in touch. we mostly work in latin america, united states and the middle east.
  • i've worked with indymedia for going on 8 years now. we are currently working on a breath-taking redesign of the global network (the technology part) which you can find more information about at san francisco indymedia.
  • i'm excited to be a part of techmeet, a new annual summit of socialist/anarchist technology volunteers and collectives. this began in sao paulo, brazil in july 2006. in 2007, techmeet was "distributed" -- we held events in cities across the world and used video teleconferencing to hold our meetings. in 2008, techmeet will again hold a face-to-face meeting, either in buenos aires or bogota.
  • i'm owner/founder of northxsouth, a for-profit free software business active in san francisco, california and sao paulo, brazil. we work within the latin american free software movement and also we offshore stateside to america latina.

all that stuff takes a lot of time and money. all of the above are seeking well-to-do angels who can ease our financial burdens. we're also seeking reliable volunteers who can actually get stuff done.

my interest in the noise bridge project is that i'm looking to make friends by helping build something cool that's right in my neighborhood (i live a block away from the space).

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