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Thanks much for your assistance, Jarrod and J.C.!! :-)

Intro Blurb

Hello, my real name is Aaron and I like using the moniker SFGiantsAce36 because I am an SFGiants fan and usually wear a Giants baseball cap when at Noisebridge.

General Interests

   Linux SysAdmin with raw Debian GNU/Linux and #! Linux
   Desktop-PC hardware "hacking" and trying new electronic tchotchkees(==gizmos)
   Programming (Python, bash scripting,...etc.) 

Past History

Frequented Noisebridge up through the end of the Summer of 2013, and just returned to visit now after a 1month+ hiatus, predominantly for learning & practicing new stuff. I've visited Noisebridge on Mondays-Fridays off-and-on for ~1.5 years now, including the relatively offpeak hours between 10am-6pm on these days.


As I write this, am currently involved with 1a) Bash-scripting 1b) Carefully testing ATAx hdd's and optical drives 2) Figuring out how to install, use and dual-boot Slackware 14.1 and Arch on a few PCs (too low HW for VMs though, darn dat!) 3) Toying around and optimizing my Raspberry Pi which has Raspbian currently installed on it...... too bad that Noisebridge doesn't seem to have a working and available in-house LCD monitor that I could use with the RPi :-\


Besides bash-scripting and more Linux stuff, would also consider attending an upcoming Intro to Perl class, depending on interest and schedule of instructor/attendees.


Associate Membership Sponsors

  • Jarrod sponsors sfgiantsace36 for associate membership at Noisebridge.
  • thex (talk) 00:46, 18 December 2013 (UTC)
  • Ravyn sponsors sfgiantsace36 for associate membership at Noisebridge.
  • HelloHowardYou sponsors sfgiantsace36 for associate membership at Noisebridge.