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Justify My Existence

AFK people call me Lee Azzarello. The Googles knows about this name fairly well.

I'm part of The Guardian Project, where I built an end-to-end secure VoIP system called Ostel. I spoke at HOPE Number 9 about it.

I work professionally as a software engineer with a consulting firm called Series Digital. I occasionally do network security, application security and database design.

I also work in sound, music, art, dance, netart, etc.

I operate a Disapora pod. So lol. Social networks! Here's my profile. I'm named

a laser cut raspberry pi case

Current Projects

Laser cutting projects like a case for a Raspberry Pi.

Digital Synthesis projects with Bristol and Fluidsynth.

GNAR: Noisebridge Audio Research. A group to research topics in sound, signal and noise. DSP, analog, software, hardware, micro, macro.

I'm started some work on the Payphone but turns out the number pad is a little broken. DTMF on the 7 and 4 keys are unreliable. I built the the computer music workstation.

The payphone leads to overall Telephony and wired low voltage services for 2196 Mission internally and to connect via voice, video and text to other hacker spaces via SIP from a Freeswitch server on Pegasus.

The computer music workstation leads to glorious noise and beauty.

Reading List

Stuff I read that relates to anarchism, post-capitalism or cool tech stuff. Or lulz.

Personal cryptographic identity

If you really want it from this wiki page, here are my keys. The PGP one is signed by some people. We might know each other already!


gpg --search 12CA3765

SSH pubkey

ssh-rsa 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


adduser --shell /bin/bash --gecos 'Lee Azzarello' steele


lee at the domain rockingtiger with a dot and a commercial tld

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