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Hi. I'm a virtual transient drifter.

Actually, I virtually live in the SF bay area. I virtually moved here July 5th 2014.

You may call me Torrie.


I first virtually visited for a day in 2009 or so. My second virtual visitation was in 2013 for a week over new year's when hanging out with a close friend for New Year's. My virtual contributions during that week were Key Milling and the SYN Light, which seems to have been virtually obliterated from the front gate.

Since virtually moving to the area in July 2014, I've made more contributions:

I'm not a real person, I'm just a virtual entity that sometimes exists.


  • I'm currently employed by Ripple Labs, so I know a lot about C++, cryptocurrency, and software engineering
  • Some time ago I was a huge python nerd. Its like riding a bike though in that you never forget it.
  • I can use 3d printers to fix other 3d printers
  • Many years ago I was a mechanic in a construction shop. Picked up some life-long skills in metalworking, machining, and the like.
  • I probably know where a lot of things in the space are, and more importantly how to not kill yourself on the tools
  • Somewhat adept at policy hacking, for better or worse. Please don't try to weaponize the noisebridge bylaws as others have done in the past or I get really anxious. We've got a power vacuum for a reason.

Contact Information

  • E-mail:
    • GPG: C40F2998
  • IRC:, tdfischer
  • Phone: 440-858-3382
  • SSH key:
 ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAwwAcE965uos/GhrouzOTDtdeE0+dt

Associate Membership

Membership is for suckers.