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= ToDo =
* Conduits in the kitchen area. 5 pipes.
= 20090115 =
* More conduits towards the darkroom. Now completed.
* Started demolition of the floor near the kitchen but I had to leave very suddenly. I am not sure if I actually cleaned up after myself. Unexcellent Ian.
= 20090114 =
* Helped Scott with deconstruction of the old floor near the kitchen.
* More conduits, without Jim this time. Made bends that align. The rest of it looks kind of awkward. Scott & I weren't sure if there should be another circuit box to adhere to the Electrical Code so we deferred to Jim. There's a pipe with a 90deg bend ready for the last part.
* Caulked a bunch of holes on the ceiling.
* Dinner with John & Scott. Learned a shitload of stuff. Again.
= 20090113 =
* Carried a shitload of drywall and lumber with a bunch of other folks.
* Resurrected dead La Fonera router by building a TTL-to-RS2323-to-USB gizmo. Flashed with OpenWRT--works marvelously.
* Helped Jim put conduits from the Supply Closet towards the Darkroom. Learned ''a lot'' about bending pipes, toggle bolts, cutting pipes, and other gadgetry that I'm forgetting about. Promised Jim I'll come back to help more with conduits.
* Gave quick intro to breadboards and helped him find equipment to kid from LA.
* Watched Makerbot in action (sweet).
* Donated $50 to Noisebridge.
* Sorta, kinda told Scott I'd come tomorrow to help with the laundry room construction. Not sure I can _actually_ do that.
= 20090112 =
* Got acquainted to Noisebridge yesterday by Joey who's never been at Noisebridge.
* Attended weekly meeting and took notes.
* Asked a lot of questions on IRC.

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