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= Introduction =
I like (for now at least) to keep a log of what I do at Noisebridge.
= 20090115 =
= 20090115 =
* More conduits towards the darkroom.
* More conduits towards the darkroom.

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  • More conduits towards the darkroom.
  • Started demolition of the floor near the kitchen but I had to leave very suddenly. I am not sure if I actually cleaned up after myself. Unexcellent Ian.


  • Helped Scott with deconstruction of the old floor near the kitchen.
  • More conduits, without Jim this time. Made bends that align. The rest of it looks kind of awkward. Scott & I weren't sure if there should be another circuit box to adhere to the Electrical Code so we deferred to Jim. There's a pipe with a 90deg bend ready for the last part.
  • Caulked a bunch of holes on the ceiling.
  • Dinner with John & Scott. Learned a shitload of stuff. Again.


  • Carried a shitload of drywall and lumber with a bunch of other folks.
  • Resurrected dead La Fonera router by building a TTL-to-RS2323-to-USB gizmo. Flashed with OpenWRT--works marvelously.
  • Helped Jim put conduits from the Supply Closet towards the Darkroom. Learned a lot about bending pipes, toggle bolts, cutting pipes, and other gadgetry that I'm forgetting about. Promised Jim I'll come back to help more with conduits.
  • Gave quick intro to breadboards and helped him find equipment to kid from LA.
  • Watched Makerbot in action (sweet).
  • Donated $50 to Noisebridge.
  • Sorta, kinda told Scott I'd come tomorrow to help with the laundry room construction. Not sure I can _actually_ do that.


  • Got acquainted to Noisebridge yesterday by Joey who's never been at Noisebridge.
  • Attended weekly meeting and took notes.
  • Asked a lot of questions on IRC.
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