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Hello world!

My name is Julio but you can call me J. I moved in March from L.A and work in the tech field. When people ask me why move since I have a decent gig and place to live in L.A my answer is this: "Simple, people from all over the world come to L.A to work in the Entertainment Industry, Movies, TV, etc. This is the place to be, if that is your goal. But, if you are in the Tech Field then The Bay Area is were you want to go" First computer owned: Atari 2600 First computer I ever opened: Nintendo Entertainment System First PC owned: Gateway P100 8MB RAM 500MB Hard Drive 28.8 Modem(Top of the line 1995). Broke it on my 2nd day owning it, fixed the next day, broke it again, fixed it again. The first and last desktop I bought out of the box until I got a Mac Server some time ago.