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I added myself to the NoiseBridge "People" list on Dec. 9, 2011 as I am, or fancy myself, a bona fide Noise Boy.

My big idea at present is to start - or reanimate - a [/ newsletter / in-house periodical] for NoiseBridge. I'm perusing - not to say plundering - the work done previously by Danny O'Brien & co. in this vein, namely NTK and Signal2noise.

I have wandered nomadically throughout the world wide web for years and established many outposts.

This is my ConvoZine home page.

This is my Tumblr freeform blog.

This is my Tumblr literary archive.

This is my Twitter page.

This is my FaceBook page. (Yes, yes, I know, but I use it with the best intentions.)

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