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Tony Glamortramp Longshanks LeTigre (TLongshanksLT) has been known by many names by many people in many places. No need to exhaust yourself reciting them all; just “Tony” or “Longshanks” will do.


Mr. Longshanks enrolled at the Noisebridge Hackademy of Apostolic Chaos (NHAC) in November 2011, where he studied a splendid cornucopia of subjects including (but not limited to):

Discreet polyamory, sexual gymnastics, applied abnormal psychology, anarcho-linguistics, intellectual nutrition, bibliogastronomy, televisual therapy, intermediate genderfuck studies, Intro to Feminist Fury, Problems of Youth in Asia, gothic musicology, psychedelic agriculture, guerrilla horticulture, interior reality design, time-based civic architecture, transvestual fashion design, precious petrology, heavy metallurgy, corporate malfeasance, governmental illness, theoretical conspiracy, nucleo-plutocracy, martial legislation, and kamikaze economics; with further inquiries in the areas of robo-sociology, revolutionary biology, igneous philosophy, electrobiomorphology, prescription pharmacology, recreational psychiatry, operatic megaphysics, digital virology, amphibious bestiality*, hippopotamology, carnivorous myrmecology, cryptopsychozoology, spiritual mixology, phosphorescent mycology, computer scientology and neopaleology.

  • Amphibious bestiality: The study of large semi-aquatic animals

Noisebridgers may know Tony in his editorial capacity as The Wonderful Wizard of ZiP – aka WonWiz or WWZ - a publication he co-created and launched in January 2012. ZiP: Zine in Progress is a fully autonomated, highly mutable, frequently festive, quasi-quarterly megazine of the hackerspace variety.

ZiP has a mailing list for readers and contributors, called ZiPChain, which can be accessed at

Mr. Longshanks has wandered nomadically throughout the world wide web for years and established many outposts. We're pretty sure you can find them if you want.

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