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Tony Longshanks LeTigre (TLongshanksLT) has many names. Don't try to remember them all; Tony can't himself. Just "Tony" or "Longshanks" will do. "Monsieur LeTigre," if you're feeling absurdly formal (and French).


Mr. Longshanks has voyaged far and wide through cyberspace for years uncounted and has established many outposts. We're pretty sure you can track them down without much trouble if you're of a mind.

Tony along with the entity known as the Wonderful Wizard of ZiP (Whimzy, for short) co-created ZiP: Zine in Progress in December, 2011. ZiP is a fully autonomated, highly mutable, frequently festive, quasi-quarterly MegaZine of the hackerspace persuasion.

Here is the ZiPZine Wiki Page

Here is the ZiPZine Web Portal

And here is the ZiPZine Mailing List

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