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Hey guys, tonight was my first night at Noisebridge, and from the moment I went upstairs I felt at home.

Here are things that I am mostly good at:

Engineering *mostly mechanical* Fabrication Prototyping Welding Soldering Braising Pipe fitting Basic Circuitry Anything boat related (diesel, hydraulics, electrical distribution, power storage and generation). SCUBA Diving and SCUBA equipment Most automotive Painting Organizing Being meticulous

Things I am Mostly Bad At (but would like to get better with...) :

Designing circuits Programing and or Coding Being outgoing enough to meet new people Website building Dancing at Parties Servers & Databases De-Bugging Boolean Mathematics Recursive thinking Playing Basketball Not Falling Down Dressing super well Making people laugh 3D Printing & Laser Engraving

Projects I want to get involved in: Anything that piques my interest. One of my life motto is to stay inquisitive and never stop learning! I love diving in over my head and seeing what shakes out.

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