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Hey guys, tonight was my first night at Noisebridge, and from the moment I went upstairs I felt at home.

Here are things that I am mostly good at:

Engineering *mostly mechanical*, Fabrication, Prototyping, Welding, Soldering, Braising, Pipe fitting, Basic Circuitry, Anything boat related (diesel, hydraulics, electrical distribution, power storage and generation), SCUBA Diving and SCUBA equipment, Most automotive, Painting, Organizing, Being meticulous.

Things I am Mostly Bad At (but would like to get better with...) :

Designing circuits, Programing and or Coding, Being outgoing enough to meet new people, Website building, Dancing at Parties, Servers & Databases, De-Bugging, Boolean Mathematics, Recursive thinking, Playing Basketball, Not Falling Down, Dressing super well, Making people laugh, 3D Printing & Laser Engraving.

Projects I want to get involved in: Anything that piques my interest. One of my life motto is to stay inquisitive and never stop learning! I love diving in over my head and seeing what shakes out.

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