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My name's Uriah. (Demmy on IRC)

I've been coming to the space for a bit over a year and a half now with irregular frequency. I started by coming to Circuit Hacking Mondays and then from there came to a bunch of 5MoF and for awhile took it upon myself to be the person who tried to keep the kitchen clean when I was around.

I'm attending the introductory PyClass and about to start attending the advanced PyClass. I'm about to take the Front-end Web Development class, too.

I am a recent transplant to the Bay from Chicago. My background is in writing, activism and social practice art. I write for the Ella Baker Center in Oakland and am greatly invested in activism surrounding civil rights, racial and gender inequality, et cetera. I do some personal chef work as a part of my activism and art practice dealing with inequalities surrounding access to food and the ways in which that is systemically decided. I'm super interested in the ways in which food helps shape culture and vice versa.

I'm currently teaching myself Python and computer science as well as front-end development. I'm looking for opportunities involving that. Looking to network, make things that help people and generally make ~cool thangs~.

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