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= Gescykae Welz =  
= Gescykae Welz =  

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Gescykae Welz

I am not a computer hacker yet, though working on it. I am however, a very experienced machinery hacker. I have mad fabrication skills that I would like to utilize to make great things and hopefully contribute to the lack of these skills at Noisebridge as there are many computer programmer types but that many people who can build shit out of metal, plastic, wood. I am hoping to put some energy into the dirty shop area using my knowledge I have acquired from the many years of working in welding and machine shops.

I really want to learn how to program and improve my expertise in computers including hardware hacking and circuits. With this triad of knowledge complete I will be ready to build my robot army.

I really dig robotics.

Also, I have spent a considerable amount of time working in a costume shop operating industrial sewing machines and making really cool period and fantasy costumes. I also really love growing plant life and have what some would call a "green thumb". One hobby of mine is adopting people's dying plants and reviving them and causing them to bloom.

My robot army will be dapperly dressed and have plenty of bio-fuel too.

I have a degree in Film and Digital Media and someday I hope to be a professional filmmaker. I am very interested in the process of taking an expensive and inaccessible technology, often found in film production, and opening it up, figuring out ways to make it happen for cheap and for everyone.


These are projects that I have conceptualized but are in need of fruition:

  • Mini35 alternative. The regular price for these adapters are like $75,000 or something, too much for me so I am trying to produce a device that is way cheaper and can be made at home. There are others who have done this but I would like to take a crack at it too.
  • Camera Dolly replacement system. I want to use cables and pulleys to suspend the camera and use servos for movement as a way to get tracking shots without the setup of expensive and cumbersome camera dolleys. This too has been done [like those football stadium hanging camera thingys] but I want to do it cheaply for the basic or average user.
  • Electric Steadicam. I want to build a steadicam that uses a robotic, servo controlled arm instead of an arm suspended by springs and linkages that reacts the user's movement and steadies the shot. I think what people have been doing with Wii controllers is very promising for this device as the sensing mechanism. I have also seen some pretty amazing movements from DIY delta robots and think this technology will do good for the robotic arm part.

Non film related projects:

  • DIY Thermal Imaging. I think thermal imaging is really fucking cool. I know that a micro-bolometer is the heart of these things but as of now are very expensive. A single point device is cheap however but only gives one pixel. I would like to use a series of these single point sensors arranged in an array and scan them in order to multiply the amount of pixels available for the image. I have been wanting to do this for some time but recently there is a guy on hack-a-day who did with one point and scanned it for a static image. I would like mine to scan fast enough to provide at least a low frame rate for real time use.
  • New Vertical Wind Turbine design. I think vertical wind turbines are the shit but my design uses a slightly different concept than the traditional designs. Mine will use airfoils that change shape during operation to adjust the direction of lift on each rotor blade as it turns. I am hoping it will improve efficiency by maximizing the amount of time each rotor blade is actively producing lift. I have experimented with small mock-ups but would like to build a working prototype out of better material than cardboard, scrap metal parts, duct tape,and skateboard bearings.

I have some other stuff I want to work on as well and I wish that these projects were more than just conceptual but have lacked serious fundage for some time now. Single parenting is not the most lucrative trade in the world. I have also lacked workspace, coffee table mechanics can only get you so far. Because I aim to created these technologies with cheap easily found and salvaged parts the cost factor shouldn't be too much of a problem and now that I have an awesome hacker space to work in with awesome hackers to pick their minds, maybe some of these projects will finally become real tangible objects soon.



IRC handle: Wrecca

Public key

ssh-dss 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 jwelz@jesse-welz-powerbook.local