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I am not a computer hacker yet though working on it. I am however, a very experienced machinery hacker. I have mad fabrication skills that I would like to utilize to make great things and hopefully contribute to the lack of these skills at Noisebridge as there are many computer programmer types but that many people who can build shit out of metal, plastic, wood. I am hoping to put some energy into the dirty shop area using my knowledge I have acquired from the many years of working in welding and machine shops.

I really want to learn how to program and improve my expertise in computers including hardware hacking and circuits. With this triad of knowledge complete I will be ready to build my robot army.

I really dig robotics.

Also, I spent a considerable amount of time working in a costume shop operating industrial sewing machines and making really cool period and fantasy costumes. I also really love growing plant life and have what some would call a "green thumb". One hobby of mine is adopting people's dying plants and reviving them and causing them to bloom.

My robot army will be dapperly dressed and have plenty of bio-fuel too.