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Introduction: Wu1wu.png

Dear all, I am Wu from Shenzhen, China. Hi!

I have visited some early Chinese Makerspace(Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing I wrote a blog here ). Now finally I have the oppotunity to visit Noisebridge.

I like maker culture, by reading the book <Maker> by Cris Anderson, I quit my medical-company job to start my own project related to 3D pirnter industry.

I attended noisebridge's 30-Dec soldering class and I witness how volunteer are helping people to DIY. I can help people about PHP programming language. As now I am into 3D printing industry, so I can share as much as I can for this what I call a "new fabrication technology".

I am staying 1 month or so in San Francisco but I will come back as soon as I can. I hope I can be the connection between two big continent promoting what I regard as correct.

I hope I can be the accociate member of noisebridge. Thanks for you guys endorsement!!

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