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(crypto are fun)
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== Boring bits: ==
== Boring bits: ==
=== SSH key: ===
ssh-rsa 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
=== /etc/passwd entry ===
sudo adduser --gecos 'Casey C' --shell /bin/bash yesac

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I like to explore computer and physical security, ride bicycles, and run my big-assed network.


  • Biking
  • Python
  • Transportation infrastructure
    • Railroad signaling theory
    • City and suburban bicycle infrastructure
    • Human transportation patterns
  • History
  • Urban exploration


  • yesac on #noisebridge (lame nick, i know, but what can you do?)
  • c1 @ caseyc . net on XMPP

Random crap

"If an average person on the subway turns to you, like an ancient mariner, and starts telling you her tale, you turn away or nod and hope she stops, not just because you fear she might be crazy. If she tells her tale on camera, you might listen. Watching strangers on television , even responding to them from a studio audience, we're disengaged - voyeurs collaborating with exhibitionists in rituals of sham community."
-- Wendy Kaminer
echo 'export PS1="BILLY MAYS HERE FOR THIS COMMAND: "' >> ~/.bashrc; source ~/.bashrc


Boring bits:

GPG key fingerprint:

9284 51B2 509E EBD9 19E7  B477 352C 3512 8C2E 0411

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