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Hi there - I'm that tall, curly haired Australian guy.


name: David Kelso

homepage: [[1]]

email: david at kelso dot id dot au

twitter: [2]

irc: zaius


Currently, I'm working on a bunch of web projects in real estate and college portals. Check out my homepage for links.

Give me a shout if you want to talk about any of the following:

  • Ruby, rails, sinatra
  • Objective C, iphone apps
  • Learning haskell (I'm going to the tuesday Haschool class)
  • Riding (fixed gear) bikes
  • Drinking beer
  • AVR microcontrollers

SSH Public Key[edit]

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABJQAAAQEA4KvfYo1ZWebtdqgEQQpF2lfSxf7ey8ypbTt+Qbaq+FAF/hCmvsp136Y3EERYRg6kYyBDOzASUOql6zBWj4I+tLkf0KACiR+YyuS0lPsXjouinH9xQdzWuFPyTl+JXL7u2L4JnFvZ0feTtUcHM5w2Yb/DAXr8g8HW3di7usMO3caagO4vPiE+LZiD061/IlmdhEDccKp+rJ9aoz3SYPlGy+rjUuXITjLmYyFwG4E4UFouhZKtU0IKepCM64UU88lR6pjOBxwbli+rHLapk2jEI8ONhbQ/Jijd4kENUghMmMWb2e5fsIYC2AlMjzAiQOmeL2RwBMDRVfYtiy5HQDo7Ew== zaius rsa2048


sudo adduser --gecos 'David Kelso' zaius