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I am Omar.


SSH PubKey

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDLF3WWi98uPq2G0XqKXwqfNifTz3lc2t5xs3MgGk6Lu/huXLRMcjTGkZOp1afRyLkBjH6zuYzKdNvAtuEdqOaYX2p14eYqcP1rt6dPRwVFoAEgnCixTSu290r4IKXc1onHlR8LMJP6nyLBBthlRsKduAVVjO3zIaErbAZzPOz4UeIPYuDQTXqzgp+qAT0WEqSgtraukp6An6gmPaif68UhqPtbpWxg9QqsxU0EAPSxNHSkAKzHEnMjnoCLw4dEr6h5X73RymRhoaWyWfVyomZkowhvZUBi+hgnyWF32Ff0koLY+mJy+9RwEQ42tPmaGE4VtU5Sjfv7CV6GFImcXGdD k1llerz@Omars-MacBook-Pro.local

adduser stanza

# adduser --shell /bin/bash --gecos 'Omar Zouai' k1llerz

My Sites

The Cloud Committee

I'm currently working on a site called The Cloud Committee. The site is mainly going to be documentation on how to get things done on a computer, with tips and scripts to help you get the job done.
If you could check it out, or maybe link to it on your site to help with our PageRank on Google, that would be extremely helpful, and we will do the same.

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