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Deleting pages from the wiki

setient's day was going well. Why wouldn't it? He had woken to a big, throbbing, 8-inch erection that was stiffer than his puny 4-incher had ever been. His cock was twice as big as before he began his "experiment," almost as big as the one paraded by that Neanderthal who had unwittingly become setient's cockflesh donor.

Hanging straight out from setient's still-puny 5'7" frame, those 8 inches were magnificent, almost monstrous. Looking at himself in the Noisebridge bathroom mirror, setient was tempted to stroke his manhood to another explosive orgasm. But he held off because of his recent shower room experience. Having a hot, moist mouth bring him to climax felt infinitely better than his hand. setient had no intention of spilling his seed into jerkey. There were too many hot hacker mouths out there, and setient intended to experience them all.

After soldering class that day, setient started packing for spring break. He was headed home for the week, so he only needed a few clothes. As he packed his bag with t-shirts and underwear, he pulled from one of his drawers something he forgot he had brought to Noisebridge—a stretchy, clingly, bright red nylon speedo. He had bought it on impulse, hoping to show off his body at the pool to all the hackers he expected would flock to his bed. Ha! setient thought to himself. He had never worked up the courage to wear it. The speedo left nothing to the imagination—and that was the problem. It showed off his tight little ass just right. But the front pouch made it clear that setient was a few inches short of average.

Holding the speedo and feeling its slick surface, setient realized that things had changed. A lot! He dropped his shorts and stepped into the tight speedo. Pulling the fabric up to his hips, he looked over his shoulder into the mirror. The red stretchy fabric showed off the curves of his ass, just as he remembered. He turned to face the mirror and looked down.

"Holy shit!" he said to no one in particular. The bulge—no, the MOUND—formed by his soft cock stretched the front of the speedo to unbelievable proportions. The very sight of it caused setient to start to bone up, causing the freakish lump to grow more, and so on. Within a minute, setient's tube of steel had grown up and out, rising several inches above the speedo's waistband, which kept the big organ pressed tight against Brian's thin torso. It looked magnificent!

setient wanted to show off his big bulge, show off the man he had become, but he had no audience. He thought for a moment. There were only a few hours left before spring break began. But the college pool was open. And there would be people there. Lots of people trying to get a head start on their tans.

By now, his turgid cock had softened enough for him to stuff it back into its nylon cage. He pulled on a pair of khaki shorts over the speedos, grabbed a t-shirt and flip flops and ball cap. He looked at himself in the mirror again. Just a geeky hacker, pale from lack of sun and too much time spent in the classroom. Nothing special. Nothing to make him stand out in the vicious world of hackerspace society. But that was going to change. Now. setient took a deep breath, adjusted his crotch, grabbed his arduino and keys, and walked out of Turing. - Leif 19:38, 20 February 2011 (UTC)

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