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This is Frank's talk page. Frank (talk) 17:55, 22 April 2014 (UTC)

Hi Frank! Great to meet you. -Lxpk

Thank you Frank, your generosity of time is over 2000! I saw this and thought of our conversation about the challenges of "Breaking through" as an editor of Wikipedia: Rise and decline of Wikipedia. There's a few people working on the documentation things and the best thing we can do is meet up again soon, get in touch with the others and pick a time for a documentation hacking event and invite folks to join us. Todo lists have been done on Trello for things like secretarial and event organizing lists. Not sure what the best way to progress that is but I've put some things down on the Signage page as "works in progress". -User:Lxpk

I see what you mean about the HD event page, that is nice. With a bit of concising, our Events page could be used similarly on the new touch screen monitor or we could do a more calendar-like interface that would prevent it from requiring scrolling by truncating long entries. -User:Lxpk

Yes there's someone in our game class on Tuesdays who is active in the HD uprising. I can probably introduce you to him if you're around tonight. -User:Lxpk