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Some Noisebridge stuff to do.

So, I upgraded to Associate Members last night during the Tuesday meeting. 11/26

What happens next?

Well, another wiki page on this sites says:

Once four folks have added a note of support on your wiki user page, you can change your tag to a tag and you're done, congrats! You become an associate member as soon as you've added the category, which means that you can come to the space whenever you'd like, and bring folks with you. However, you can't sponsor other folks until a Tuesday meeting has passed since you became an associate. Now would be a good time to make sure you've introduced yourself on IRC, at a Tuesday meeting, and on the discussion list; joined other mailing lists you'd like, ask for an account on some of Noisebridge's shared machines, sign GPG keys with folks, or ask someone to set you up with a door code. Happy hacking!

IRC intro. Not feeling it. Introduce on Discussion - Maybe, but tan poco. Don't feel the motivation, but maybe defer to the advice of others. later. (I've joined)

Ask for an account on some of Noisebridge shared machines. Okay. I can figure that out. If it seems hard, maybe write notes about how to do it, for later sharing.

. . .