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After becoming a member.

December 16 I briefly stopped in the space, with the intention of seeing the possibility of a food hacking session, e.g. make community through food, and holiday cheer, and seeing what was happening in the new "help desk" hour. Had problems with the kitchen area. I could not get either of the stoves to turn on, and I did not understand the process of an induction stovetop. The stovetop does seem to be working, but I couldn't get the oven to. - I wanted to use the Tuesday meeting as a platform to announce and recruit. Worried that a "window of opportunity may pass."

December 15

There are too many mice in the space. Something should be done, but I wonder if the solutions are "do-arcracy" or are more the type of things that should have a buy-in from the community, and thus be addressed with consensus.

December 9

Yes. Got my code to open the door. Thank you. I feel more like a "member."

I should keep notes.

So on Wednesday, December 4, 2013 I tried to get someone to help or tell me how to get an access code, now that I am for sure a member.

To groups and to individuals, I asked about 10 people. The was a general professions of: don't know how, we are too busy. write a note to the discussion list.

Sleeper Thoughts

December 13, 2013 Was at NB at about 8:20. Don't think there were any sleepers.

December 12, 2013 Was at NB early, "7:30 am" partly with intention to take inventory if there were sleepers. I did not see any. And was surprised in a good way how much "good activity" was happening early in the morning. Also, normal, around the water cooler talk among strong players.

Some rather random notes:

Saturday, I was in the space early, well 11:00 am on a Saturday, for the cleanup event.

At the time, there were two people asleep in the Church Classroom, One guy who probably had just wokenup.

My thoughts are still evolving about what is the best way to deal with people using Noisebridge as a shelter.

It does have a cost for inconveniencing other people using the space

Observe first. I want to get my ideas together, before doing something the "wrong" way

Disinclined to call this a police emergency. Its been happening a long time, so it is not an "emergency" And people sleeping is not an "emergency" but maybe it is a non-emergency police matter. Or maybe not even. .... And should be dealt with by access controls and Tuesday meetings. Ponder, ponder, talk about this.

I didn't want to be the one to confront the sleepers.