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Sleeping at Noisebridge

I haven't been going to Noisebridge in the morning since February 19 -immediately after I asked NO_Hat to leave, he asked me to leave.

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I am using the changed circumstances to do some rethinking about this important topic.

But please, anyone who reads and is also interested in having a positive morning experience at Noisebridge, I'd like you to comment. Maybe as simple as taking turns sharing bringing breakfast pastries and cleaning the coffee area.

Asked Josh to leave this morning and not return until the Tuesday meeting

I asked Josh to leave this morning and not return until the Tuesday meeting.

I arrived about 6:30, and put on the lights. He became incensed that I turned on the lights. A

I walked away from him and began making a cup of coffee. He turned light off.

When I came back there were 4 tea cups, with tea bag in most, glasses, plates and uneaten food on the common table. I asked who's? and got no response. I began cleaning it up, and Josh went all argumentative again not to touch his food. I said he needs to acknowledge and clean. Became more argumentative.

I asked him to leave and not return until the Tuesday meeting. He said he wasn't going anywhere, and claimed that I was being rude.


Meeting Events of 3-11-2014

The meeting notes show two issues that I've been involved in.

1) This was a short discussion. We firmly agreed that there is no reason why Gregory should not feel welcome to come to Noisebridge.

Yeah!! What's that about? Back on February 19, immediately after I asked Josh / NO_Hat to leave and not come back until the Tuesday meeting, he asked me to leave. I completely felt it was in bad faith, and it even looks like Josh tried to back track about it, but I followed the guidelines. problem is - I can't come to the Tuesday meetings, and it took some time to resolve this. Thanks all.

2) Banning Josh condensed.