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Mornings at Noisebridge

Greg (talk) 18:24, 17 March 2014 (UTC) Noisebridge 2 sleepers + 2 regular sleepers awake + 2 street people i don't know + dog +mess this morning.

= "I've got better options than this" I left right away somewhat annoyed that I spent the time to go there and found the condition so bad.

Came to Noisebridge for the first time in a month in the morning and that's what I found at 10:15 this am

One guy openly sleeping on the front couch. One guy appears asleep at the back. The turning classroom is setup like a 1980's crash pad livingroom. People eating breakfast in the library. The main table and front area, a big mess the day after teh "monthly cleanup"

Greg (talk) 18:24, 17 March 2014 (UTC)

I haven't been going to Noisebridge in the morning since February 19 -immediately after I asked NO_Hat to leave, he asked me to leave.

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I am using the changed circumstances to do some rethinking about this important topic.

But please, anyone who reads and is also interested in having a positive morning experience at Noisebridge, I'd like you to comment. Maybe as simple as taking turns sharing bringing breakfast pastries and cleaning the coffee area.Greg (talk) 17:07, 14 March 2014 (UTC)

Asked Josh to leave this morning and not return until the Tuesday meeting

I asked Josh to leave this morning and not return until the Tuesday meeting.

I arrived about 6:30, and put on the lights. He became incensed that I turned on the lights. A

I walked away from him and began making a cup of coffee. He turned light off.

When I came back there were 4 tea cups, with tea bag in most, glasses, plates and uneaten food on the common table. I asked who's? and got no response. I began cleaning it up, and Josh went all argumentative again not to touch his food. I said he needs to acknowledge and clean. Became more argumentative.

I asked him to leave and not return until the Tuesday meeting. He said he wasn't going anywhere, and claimed that I was being rude.


Meeting Events of 3-11-2014

The meeting notes show two issues that I've been involved in.

1) This was a short discussion. We firmly agreed that there is no reason why Gregory should not feel welcome to come to Noisebridge.

Yeah!! What's that about? Back on February 19, immediately after I asked Josh / NO_Hat to leave and not come back until the Tuesday meeting, he asked me to leave. I completely felt it was in bad faith, and it even looks like Josh tried to back track about it, but I followed the guidelines. problem is - I can't come to the Tuesday meetings, and it took some time to resolve this. Thanks all.

2) Banning Josh condensed.