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"Well, but he WAS the wisest man, anyway; because the widow she told me so, her own self."

"I doan k'yer what de widder say, he WARN'T no wise man nuther. He had some er de dad-fetchedes' ways I ever see. Does you know 'bout dat chile dat he 'uz gwyne to chop in two?"

"Yes, the widow told me all about it."

"WELL, den! Warn' dat de beatenes' notion in de worl'? You jes' take en look at it a minute. Dah's de stump, dah -- dat's one er de women; heah's you -- dat's de yuther one; I's Sollermun; en dish yer dollar bill's de chile. Bofe un you claims it. What does I do? Does I shin aroun' mongs' de neighbors en fine out which un you de bill DO b'long to, en han' it over to de right one, all safe en soun', de way dat anybody dat had any gumption would? No; I take en whack de bill in TWO, en give half un it to you, en de yuther half to de yuther woman. Dat's de way Sollermun was gwyne to do wid de chile. Now I want to ast you: what's de use er dat half a bill? -- can't buy noth'n wid it. En what use is a half a chile? I wouldn' give a dern for a million un um."

"But hang it, Jim, you've clean missed the point -- blame it, you've missed it a thousand mile."

"Who? Me? Go 'long. Doan' talk to me 'bout yo' pints. I reck'n I knows sense when I sees it; en dey ain' no sense in sich doin's as dat. De 'spute warn't 'bout a half a chile, de 'spute was 'bout a whole chile; en de man dat think he kin settle a 'spute 'bout a whole chile wid a half a chile doan' know enough to come in out'n de rain. Doan' talk to me 'bout Sollermun, Huck, I knows him by de back."

Stay positive about the status of house rules

Greg (talk) 22:29, 23 March 2014 (UTC) Well my summary of conversation with Kevin and others, is there is some resistance to calling them "house rule" since its not a house, and there is an anti-rules bias. That's a legitimate point, so okay, change the name.

There does seem to be consensus that living at Noisebridge is not okay. - My counter is that doesn't go far "By the time someone is living at Noisebridge, we've waited too long." And once someone is living there, its not easy to deal with, True today. True yesterday.

I believe there is wide willingness to experiment on changing things about kitchen mess. People who don't use the kitchen don't like the mess and mice, and people who do use the kitchen correctly don't like the mess and mice.

Greg (talk) 22:29, 23 March 2014 (UTC) Well Im concerned because the meeting notes look like house rules were consensus-ed, that Kevin came late, and negotiated with Tom to un-consensus the house rules.

Wednesday, about 6:40 pm I spoke to Kevin about some of my concerns. I want to summarize the conversation, and send it in an email before talking generally on it.Greg (talk) 03:34, 20 March 2014 (UTC)

Mornings at Noisebridge

Greg (talk) 18:24, 17 March 2014 (UTC) Noisebridge 2 sleepers + 2 regular sleepers awake + 2 street people i don't know + dog +mess this morning.

= "I've got better options than this" I left right away somewhat annoyed that I spent the time to go there and found the condition so bad.

Came to Noisebridge for the first time in a month in the morning and that's what I found at 10:15 this am

One guy openly sleeping on the front couch. One guy appears asleep at the back. The turning classroom is setup like a 1980's crash pad livingroom. People eating breakfast in the library. The main table and front area, a big mess the day after teh "monthly cleanup"

Greg (talk) 18:24, 17 March 2014 (UTC)

I haven't been going to Noisebridge in the morning since February 19 -immediately after I asked NO_Hat to leave, he asked me to leave.

Here is the Permalink to older content

I am using the changed circumstances to do some rethinking about this important topic.

But please, anyone who reads and is also interested in having a positive morning experience at Noisebridge, I'd like you to comment. Maybe as simple as taking turns sharing bringing breakfast pastries and cleaning the coffee area.Greg (talk) 17:07, 14 March 2014 (UTC)

Fair Usage Policy

In place of house rules, I've drafted a Noisebridge fair usage and put it up on the github repository.

I'm just starting to get comfortable with Git and Github, so that's my explanation if I did something wrong.

Through the discuss list, I've also suggested that it would be excellent if Kevin could provide his version of house rule with enough time for people too consider prior to the Tuesday meeting.

Code Program at Mission High

M[ission Loca][Mission High School Coding Classl had this story about about a week ago.

Robyn is one of the 10 students who have forsaken the sun to sit around a gloomy class room at Mission High School, more or less glued to their laptops. He is one of 68 San Francisco high school students taking free coding classes offered by Mission Bit. The nonprofit teamed up with Out of Sight in the fall, and has been a part of its after-school program.

[see link above]