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              i mean    jeesh
      golly wow

tekkie items for sale or for fee

hi ive got some stuff that is still in its box and hope someone

can put any and or all of it to use.....

  first item on the block linksys etherfast dsl/cable router and 
                 a matching PCI card both still in respective boxes.
  next item up for grabs is a Griffin iTrip fm transmitter for ipod.
                 so you can play yur ipod into any close fm receiver.
  next up an ECHO 4 in 4 out 24-96 digital MIDI pci card w/S/PDIF good
                 for Mac and or XXX
  last we have a MIDIsport 1X1 in and out USB MIDI interface.....oh boy!!!
  and a lynksys wireless access point router 2.4 gig of course (used)
  and  RF modulators (2)
  and  various used security cams
  and an actiontec wireless router 54mps
  and a 2wire wireless
  Id be happy to donate it to the bridge if its needed
               just say hey to me; HARDY
               or send me an E at   

wot ever happened to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,............?