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Jarrod, thanks for your hospitality Saturday.

I have a disclosure to make. I did not connect a protective ground wire to the two outlets I installed, because I did not find a protective ground coming from the panel board. The devices will be grounded as long as the conduit stays intact. Unfortunately, fittings tend to come loose over time.

I thought the conductors I used might have been too big, and the conduits and boxes might have been too small. Looking at the NEC today confirms my suspicions. I created a page of data from the NEC. As you can see, a 1/2" EMT conduit has room for only one 6 AWG THHN conductor. A 4" junction box does not have room for any 6 AWG conductors at all.

I like the larger than required conductors, because they stay cool, but they also need larger conduits and boxes.

I also found out today that wire nuts go up to 8 AWG maximum.

I remain available to assist with this or other Noisebridge projects. Frank (talk) 09:58, 21 February 2017 (UTC)