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Noisebridge Boilerplate[edit]

At various levels of verbosity:

100 words:[edit]

noisebridge hackerspace

Noisebridge is an open workspace dedicated to creativity and technology. Our guiding principle is “be excellent to each other”. Noisebridge is a do-acracy so if you think something needs improving or fixing, go for it! Everything is available 24/7 for use by anyone, except our member shelves. If you like Noisebridge, please donate $10 in our donation bins around the space. If you use Noisebridge regularly, set up a monthly donation or become a member.

More on our crazy anarchist ways, with circuit diagrams :

Subscribe to our announcement email list:

Or our discussion list:

200 words[edit]

noisebridge preamble

Noisebridge is a space open to anyone interested in the creative uses of technology. You and anyone else are free to use the space and most of its contents at any time: just ring the doorbell at 2169 Mission Street to come in.

Noisebridge is inspired by its fellow hackerspaces all around the world, from Alberta to Zurich. If you'd like to know more about how we work, and what we offer, visit the website at, or join the weekly Tuesday meeting at 8PM.

Noisebridge is solely supported by individual donations by its users. You can donate through PayPal on our site or in the donation bins across the space. If you use Noisebridge regularly, set up a regular donation. A $10-$40 monthly subscription is a great way to ensure Noisebridge stays around. You can also become a member, which means you can take part in decisions about Noisebridge -- but you don't have to be one to use our space.

You can also keep Noisebridge running by helping out in the space. Noisebridge is a "do-ocracy": if you think something needs improving or fixing, feel free to go ahead and do it.

400 words (one pager)[edit]


being a guide in which it is explained wtf

  • What is Noisebridge?

We’re a hackerspace, an open environment for makers, tinkerers, artists, to explore and teach technology, art, science and craft. We’ve been going since 2007. Noisebridgers have built space balloons, robots, scarfs, biosensors, food, and everything around you.

Who can take part?

Anyone, anytime. Noisebridge is open 24/7 for everyone to use. Yes, this means you! If you see something that might be fun, start hacking on it.

  • How is it run?

Our first and only rule is “be excellent to each other”. Our main way of organizing is “do-acracy”: if you see something that needs to be done, just step in and do it. We’re not big on formality here, and we think you might already be smart enough to help us. Yes, this still means you! Super-official Noisebridge business is made through consensus at our weekly Tuesday meetings at 8PM. Come along to find out more. Other events are listed on our website,

How is it financed?

As a 501(c)3 non-profit, we rely on donations, which are tax deductible. There are donation bins across the space. If you like what we do, please drop $10 as you go. If you use Noisebridge regularly, you should set up a regular monthly donation - we accept Paypal, checks, cash and bank orders. Any amount is gratefully received.

  • How can I help?

Any way you want. Start a class in our classes, begin a cool project, wash a dish in our sink, or take out a trash. If you’d like to become more involved in the space, become a member! Members get shelf-space, the adoration of the crowd, and a greater role in deciding the direction of the space. See for how to start.

  • Where can I find out more?

Our website is a wiki at . Read it for more information, edit it if you know something we don’t. We think you do. We like you already.

It's Borken![edit]

Things that are borken and probably need to be fixed:

Our Safety page is seriously out of date.

The touchscreens. Oh, my the touchscreens.

The Finance page oculd do with a refresh.

Noisebridge Outputs[edit]

Where do people go (or think they might want to go) when they want to find out news about noisebridge? (written 2011-06-20)

Twitter (1,500 followers)

Noisebridge announce (959 subs)

Noisebridge discuss (713 sub -- 1302 distinct addresses between nb-announce, nb-discuss)

Other Noisebridge mail lists: there are 38 lists as of edit (Miloh 23:33, 20 June 2011 (UTC))

Noisebridge front page (3,780,294 hits as of today, no idea of timeline or provenance)

Noisebridge wikipedia page (500-600 times a month according to )

IRC (120ish avg members, incl. bots)

Noisebridge blog (64 subscribers on GR)

Noisebridge aggregator (26 subscribers on GR) blog (4 subscribers on GR)

From the Winter 2011 survey:

Where did you hear about this poll?

Nb-discuss		38	39%
Noiseb-IRC		4	4%
Noisebridge		4	4%
NB-announce		28	29%
Other source		24	24%

...and how would you like to hear news about Noisebridge?

NB-discuss		19	19%
NoiseB-IRC		1	1%
Noisebridge		3	3%
NB-announce		36	37%
Other source		39	40%

To Be A Secretary[edit]

One of the things I want to do is to make sure that when I finally burn out as secretary, the secretary stuff can be passed easily onto another person, or else set off into lots of different roles, a bit like how the God Emperor of Dune did it.

What you should do[edit]

The 2300 extension on the internal Resources/Telephony phone systm should point to the secretary's mobile number. You should be able to do this by logging into the system that runs asterisk (currently it is pony) and changing the line marked 'Secretarial extension' in /etc/extension.conf to contain your cellphone.

Get your ssh key added to the secretary@pony account's authorized_keys so you can log into it.

Secretarial duties[edit]

Answer '' email[edit]

This should be primarily a redirection service, which is to say that the canonical secretarial email is:


(I think the answer is X but to be sure) I'm passing you onto somebody I think knows the real answer, who is Y.

Maintain the 311 number[edit]

Keep the membership log[edit]

Mail people when their 4 weeks are up on consensus[edit]

Keep the insurance up to date[edit]

The insurance rolls over in November. XXX FIXME XXX

Keep the membership rolls up to date[edit]

Actually, this is still effectively done by the Treasurer, but it should be the secretary's job.

Keep minutes on the meetings (or find someone to do so)[edit]