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t had taken hours, but Terry, Kevin and Diane had been able to pump Mahmout's genitals back down to something resembling a manageable size. Now the muscled Persian youth's nineteen inch softie rested lazily atop a pair of testicles the size of grapefruit while he burbled to himself in his sleep.
"Do you think he's gonna be like that forever?" asked Kevin, glancing nervously back at the dozing Mahmout for the dozenth time.
"How the hell should I know?" Terry snapped. He didn't feel well. Guilt ate up his insides like a swarm of carnivorous butterflies, and even in the dead of night on a back road, he felt the eyes of the world on him.
"Shit, man. Sorry," Kevin apologized. He went back to looking straight ahead. Down in his lap, he adjusted his own flaccid footlong which dangled over the lip of the passenger seat, barely fazed by the chilly night air.
After a few seconds, he glanced back again, this time looking past Mahmout, peering at the mountainous shape in the flatbed behind the back seat.
"So, that was pretty crazy what happened with Diane, huh?" he asked.
Terry chortled sardonically in response.
"Crazy" didn't begin to cover it. Driven into a frenzy of lust by Mahmout's epic tool, Diane had slathered every part of herself with the cream, quickly swelling up to even more ridiculous proportions than the hapless man they'd come to save. But what Terry and Kevin had found most shocking was not her beachball-sized tits or couch-crushing bottom and thighs, but the incredible transformation that had been inflicted on Diane's already overactive clit.
The once pinkie-sized nubbin had been dosed with cream and had expanded into a grotesque appendage that dwarfed even Terry's titanic tool (which was currently thrown casually over his left thigh to keep it out of the way).
Even more bizarrely, however, was the pair of massive, dark, intimidating testicles that had sprouted out from the base of her clit.
Terry and Kevin had watched in horrified fascination as Diane's oversized pleasure button had morphed from a slim pink shaft into a hefty, coffee brown monster that resembled Mahmout's cock in every way but size. The rich dark skintone of her new cock terminated sharply where the base of her shaft met her groin, which was still a silky, milky white.
Invigorated by her new baseball-bat sized appendage, Diane had launched into the task of jerking off Mahmout with renewed vigor, guzzling gallons of his cum until her bloated belly could take no more and she collapsed from exhaustion.
Now, she was passed out in the flatbed of her own hot-pink Jeep as the four of them cruised hurriedly back towards the Mu Lambda sorority house. In the passing light of the streetlamps, she resembled a mountain range. Her gargantuan tits, each one two large to encompass in a bear hug, jiggled like gelatin against the momentous curve of her cum-stuffed belly. Her ass, now nearly as broad as the span of Terry's arms, was squeezed tightly into the narrow storage space, leaving her preposterously thick thighs and legs to dangle over the side of the truck. Her hoselike cock was slung out the back of the flatbed to allow the constant drizzle of milky precum to drain out onto the street, constantly renewed by a pair of balls the size of her head.
Terry didn't understand how the cream worked, but he'd never known it to add body parts that weren't there. The new development of Diane's fully functioning cock and balls disturbed him greatly. When he'd gotten back to the Mu Lambda house, he'd have a lot of questions for Kate...

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