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Hi No Hat, this is Viewsatwork.
Hi No Hat, this is Viewsatwork.
== Feng Shui design as an Access Control ==
Could some Noisebridge recurring problems be lessened by using  some Feng Shui techniques to address the entrance?.
Seems like some recurring issues needing solution's Noisebridge, are stolen stuff, sleepers, squatters, and other “s” words that are slashing into the community spirits.    I’m with the point of view that its better to start at the start side of things, have more attention to who is coming in, keeping the entrance inviting, so there will be less to deal with things gone bade.
So when someone comes up the stars and enters NoiseBridge space, there is not much real entrance .  Someone looking up, and saying “welcome to wall-mart”. 
What if the tee shirt and sticker selling glass tables space which is prime real Estate that is almost always empty be  were reconfigured into something that would be active, friendly, and led to the person entering Noisebridge establishing eye contact, and having someone to say hi too.
I think you are some type of architect  , and could have ideas on this.  I want to bounce it off a few people before deciding if I push it up to the discussion list or meeting.
/*  I can write better than this, but I’m trying a productivity technique of cutting tasks off, and pushing them out, if they have the general shape but are incomplete at the time I’ve balloted to them. */

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Hi No Hat, Pushing the edge!!

Hi No Hat, this is Viewsatwork.