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Diane moaned with ecstasy as Terry and Kevin worked her long, firm nipples like levers, sliding her boulder-like boobs up and down the unbelievable length of Mahmout's shaft. The work was made harder by the fact that Mahmout's cock had begun to brush up against he ceiling, forcing them to work at an angle, rather than straight up and down.
Mahmout's cock continued to expand, massive veins bulged across the surface like snakes, winding their way up the gleaming tower of flesh.
"Holy shit! How much bigger is that thing gonna get?" asked Kevin, his jaw slack at the sight of the towering cock.
"Fuck if I know," grunted Terry, sweating with the effort of pumping Diane's gigantic tit.
Mahmout didn't seem to mind the massive new developments in his cock, he seemed to have finally lost himself in the pleasure of the world's biggest titfuck.
Diane, meanwhile, was more than enjoying herself. The combined thrill of Terry and Kevin stroking her colossal nipples and the growing warmth in her crotch was driving her insane with pleasure.
"Yes! Oh yessss!" she moaned, fondling the growing bulge in her own pants.
She'd never gotten around to wiping the cream off her gloves, by now her clit had received a double dose of the supercharged cream. The once tiny nubbin of flesh had expanded into a full blown sausage, and it was only a matter of time before she gave into the temptation to just whip it out and start jerking off like a dude. Her pussy, too, had puffed up to nearly twice its size and her swollen labia were putting a pleasurable pressure on her throbbing clit-on.
Mahmout began to groan and his yoga-ball sized nuts began to contract, hugging his shaft like a pair of bears snuggling up against an oak tree.
"I think he's getting close," panted Terry, watching Mahmout's eyes as they rolled back in his head.
Kevin nodded and the pair began to stroke faster, driving Mahmout inexorably toward climax.
Diane purred hungrily as she felt Mahmout's shaft grow hot and bulge in anticipation of orgasm. She reached up and grasped the trunk of his shaft, pulling it down with all her weight and inching backwards until the gargantuan cockhead was right in her face.
"What the hell are you doing?" grunted Kevin. "This angle is really difficult."
"Just keep it up a little longer," Diane instructed. "He's close, I can feel it..."
She gazed into Mahmout's gaping cumslit. It was like looking down the barrel of an artillery piece.
Mahmout moaned again and his balls tightened further.
"Oh yeah, cum for me, baby," Diane licked her lips, gripping Mahmout's cockhead firmly behind the flared edges of the broad mushroom and opening her mouth wide.
"Don't tell me you're gonna try and swallow that load?" asked Kevin, his eyes bugging in disbelief. "There's no way you could take it all!"
"I dunno, man," said Terry, "she did chug like, two gallons of protein shake without taking a breath. I think she might be able to handle this."
"There's no way I'm gonna pussy out on taking the world's largest cumshot," said Diane.
Mahmout grunted and his abs tightened as a visible bulge began to climb the twelve and a half foot pillar of his cock.
"Here we go!" Diane grinned and plunged her face into Mahmout's cockhead. His cumslit was actually larger than her mouth, so she stuck her whole face in and opened wide...
This is the part where Diane almost died.
Mahmout let out a terrific howl of pleasure and let loose with a blast of jizz that, for a moment, looked like an explosion of white.
Cum flooded into Diane's mouth, filling her cheeks and spraying out her nose. Her years of experience in sucking cock were the only thing that saved her; if she'd hesitated to swallow for only a split second, three gallons of spunk would have flooded into her lungs instead of her stomach.
The pressure was enough to knock her off her feet, she hit the wall behind her with enough force to crack the drywall, held momentarily in midair by a stream of jizz that would have shamed a fire hose.
Terry and Kevin, still gripping Diane's now eighteen inch nipples, were yanked off balance and flung to the ground as the wet splatter of semen cascaded off the wall and pattered all over them in heavy globs.
Trapped beneath the incredible weight of her tits, Diane flailed helplessly in a lake of cum, her entire body frosted in white goo. She still couldn't breathe and her efforts to call for help only produced sticky bubbles in the inch lick layer of jizz that covered her head.
Terry was the first to realize what was happening and rushed to help, scraping the jizz off Diane's face in wet handfuls and flicking it to the ground. He was coated in semen up to his knees and he could feel it squishing in his socks as he sloshed around to help Diane to a sitting position.
Diane drew a gasping breath and lifted her hand to her nose, clamping down on one nostril and blowing a thick rope of jizz out the other.
"Holy. Living. Fuck!" exclaimed Kevin, lifting himself off the ground and stepping away from the expanding puddle of jizz. "That was-"
"The most awesome thing I've ever experienced!" shouted Diane, raising her fists over her head in triumph.
Mahmout lay on his back twelve feet away, moaning softly in his own private world as his still-firm cock pumped out the dregs of his orgasm in footlong ropes.
"Dudes, help me up!" Diane ordered, "There's jizz going to waste!"
Terry and Kevin hesitated for a moment, then shrugged and hoisted Diane up by her armpits, rolling her forward on her gargantuan tits until she could latch onto Mahmout's still-pulsing cockhead.
Now that the flow of Mahmout's cum was more like a garden hose than a firehose, Diane drank from it easily, guzzling down the hot liquid with enthusiasm.
"Where does she put it all?" asked Kevin.
"Isn't it obvious?" Terry nudged one of Diane's boobs with his foot.
Diane's stomach didn't remain bloated for long. Her tits were still growing and their overcharged metabolism made swift use of Mahmout's load. For several minutes, it seemed like Mahmout were pumping directly into Diane's hefty gazongas. With every gulp, her boobs swelled a little larger and her nipples puffed out a little further. Before long, her erect teats were the size of traffic cones, jutting from a pair of breasts that were each as large as she was.
"Oh man!" sighed Diane, scooping the last of Mahmout's cum out of his slit with her finger and licking it off like cake frosting.
"So, did this thing get any smaller?" asked Terry, looking over the fleshy yards of Mahmout's monster dick.
"It looks smaller, but that might just be because it's starting to get soft," observed Kevin.
Diane nodded.
"We'll give him time to built up another load, then go again," she said.
Kevin raised a hand.
"Can we like, give him an hour or something? I'm fucking exhausted."
"Yeah, and I'd kind of like to take a shower," added Terry, gesturing to the slick coat of cum that covered most of his lower body.
"Whatever," Diane shrugged, sending a small cascade of spunk rolling off her soulders where it merged with the goopy puddle that covered most of the floor. "Just remember we've gotta do this like, five more times before he'll be small enough to walk. If you take long breaks in between, we'll be at this all day."
"Yeah, I'm sure you'd hate that," Terry rolled his eyes.
Diane made a kissy face at him and leaned forward on her boobs, luxuriating in their bouncy softness. She felt another stir in her loins and remembered she had plenty to keep herself occupied while she waited for Mahmout's gargantuan balls to churn up a new load of hot cum.
Her boobs weren't the only thing that had taken advantage of Mahmout's load to fuel their growth. Her sausage-like clit was swiftly expanding into a full blown bratwurst. She wondered it Terry would be jealous if she got bigger than him.
With that thought in mind, she waited for Terry and Kevin to leave before snagging the bottle of cream. She had to scoop it off the bed with Mahmout's lacrosse stick, as she couldn't reach that far. A couple of pumps filled her gloved hand with a satisfying mound of the precious growth cream and she began to massage it vigorously into her hungry clit...

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