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(/etc/passwd entry)
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==== <tt>/etc/passwd</tt> entry ====
==== <tt>/etc/passwd</tt> entry ====
  $ sudo adduser --gecos 'Dan' --shell /bin/bash terminationshok
  $ sudo adduser --gecos 'Dan' --shell /bin/bash term

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My name is Dan (Term). I am happy that Noisebridge is here. Thank you everyone who made this place a reality. I can help you with computer problems, and I can show you how to use the laser engraver. I also enjoy cooking, eating, bringing ingredients, and sharing a meal with the community in the kitchen. I like to keep the place tidy and provide information for other people. I also have been known to do construction, electronics hacking, and sewing, but I have yet to do those projects here.

SSH Pub Key

ssh-dss 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 _____@promyvion

/etc/passwd entry

$ sudo adduser --gecos 'Dan' --shell /bin/bash term