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non-PO Box

We have a box for mailing; not an official PO box but a PMB (Personal Mail Box).

    2215-R Market Street #235
    San Francisco, CA  94114

Use this address for all official communications, as the mailbox at 2169 is not secure. It can receive non-USPS parcels such as FedEx or UPS. An officer will check this frequently. Probably it's not the best idea to have personal stuff shipped here.


  • provider: sonic.net
  • phone: 707-522-1000
  • account: noisebr
  • type: Fusion Business Class w/ Static IP's
  • monthly cost: $100 (+ tax)


There are two meters for the floor; there previously had been two tenants. As of October 2009, both meters are on and billed to the Noisebridge account below.

We have a new PG&E account for 2169 Mission (could not transfer the 83C account b/c it was residential ?!?)

  • PG&E phone: 1-800-468-4743
  • account number: 0597139732-7
  • rear meter is under our account as of 9-29-09 -- meter number 6331H5.
  • front meter was turned on on Monday 10-5-09 -- meter number 703T78.
  • service level for both meters is 'small': A-1
  • if we go over 4200 kWh per month consistently, we should upgrade to the 'medium' rate, A-10
  • We're still e-billed
  • the billing address is our non-PO Box (see above)
  • the building is not piped for gas service so we don't have that
  • master switches (two) are in the basement, labeled "3rd Floor" and have the above meter numbers on them.
  • See Electricity for details on our usage.


  • provider: Sunset Scavenger
  • phone: 415-330-1300
  • account: 514993762
  • pickup day: Tuesday & Friday
  • garbage bin: one 64 gallon (black)
  • recycling bin: one 64 gallon (blue)
  • monthly cost: $174.62
  • start date: 2009-08-18, got larger garbage bin on 2009-09-25
  • as of 10-15-09, the billing address is our non-PO box (see above)