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It was suggested that Noisebridge should have a vinyl cutter, which can be purchased for ~$300.

If you would like to contribute funds toward it, edit this page to add your name to this list:

If people opt to get the 50" model, the following people will contribute money

There are two cutters we could buy:

  • 50" Durkadurka series - $450
  • 25" SC series - $300
  • 28" MH series - $230

The MH series is purportedly less reliable than the SC. It has only a 90 day warranty, compared with a 1 year for the SC. The MH also does not support macs. We already have a windows XP machine in the space for the LaserCutter. I spoke to Nicole from Ardent Heavy Industries - she has a MH that has held up very well.

I also expect to write some better control software for Inkscape that uses the serial port.

With $9 for shipping and $20 for a pack of extra blades, that leaves us with $15 or $85 left over for vinyl and transfer tape.

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