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Vinyl cutting!

Vinyl cutters take paper-backed vinyl and cut them robotically. They talk GCode or some variant and eat SVG.

Our cutter

We have 50" USCutter MH. It runs "Sure Cuts a Lot" software on the laser cutter machine. They use some dumb registration / activation system, so it can only be installed on one machine.

Using the cutter

Quick params: Cut speed - anything less than 200 mm/s
Cut Press - play around with this - 50g works well.

Important rules

  • Don't touch the blade. Not only is it poky, getting any kind of dirt or skin oil on it makes it very unhappy
  • Be aware of static electricity - unrolling the vinyl is a mini maelstrom of sparks. Ground yourself and the machine
  • Cover the machine when done. Dust is bad.

New Vinyl setup

  1. Load your vinyl in the roller rack. Note, however, that the cutter does not have the strength to unroll any vinyl, so be sure to unroll more than you need and leave it slack
  2. Flip all the pinch rollers down, and pull the vinyl through the machine
  3. Slide the pinch rollers sideways and arrange them over the vinyl. You probably want to use three rollers - two an inch from each of the sides, and one in the middle
  4. Flip the pinch roller levers up.
  5. Adjust the cutter blade height. The cutter blade should be exactly as tall as the vinyl. Too tall and it will ruin the cutting surface below. Too short and it won't cut all the way through
    1. Loosen the brass locknut
    2. Turn the top, aluminum nut until the blade is completely retracted
    3. Expose the blade to your guess as to the depth of the vinyl
    4. Set the locknut
    5. Press the test button If the backing paper is deeply scored, then blade is too low. If the vinyl isn't cut, the blade is too high. Adjust, lather, rinse, repeat


  • Open Sure Cuts a Lot
  • Draw
  • Unroll enough vinyl
  • Click Cut -> Cut With US Cutter
  • Profit

Setting the origin

  1. Press the Pause button
  2. Navigate to the desired origin
  3. Press the Origin button

Old information about pledges

It was suggested that Noisebridge should have a vinyl cutter, which can be purchased for ~$300.

If you would like to contribute funds toward it, edit this page to add your name to this list:

  • Casey - $250 - paid
  • Leif - $50 - paid
  • Liz - $20 A bit extra for supplies
  • Molly - $25 - paid
  • Shannon - $25 - paid
  • Dan - $20 - paid

If people opt to get the 50" model, the following people will contribute money

  • Coreyfro - $25
  • Larry - $100 - paid
  • Arlen - $25 - paid
  • Merlin - $25 - paid


  • 50" Derpaderpa cutter w/ shipping + spare blades: 409

Vinyl we want

  • Some matte vinyl - looks better for laptop decals
  • Oracal transfer tape is the best
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