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Welcome to Noisebridge! We're glad you're interested in our space and we look forward to seeing you soon. Here's some advice to help you understand what you're getting into and see if it appeals to you.

Who is welcome

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to visit Noisebridge. We ask that visitors follow our rule of "be excellent to each other" in the best spirit they can. Visitors can drop by anytime unannounced. You do not need an invitation, or to be attending a scheduled event/class. It may be wise to follow the advice below on the best times to visit, to ensure there are people there who can let you in. You can also talk on IRC or the Mailing list to figure out a good time, and ask if someone is willing to give you a tour.

Come with an open mind

Noisebridge is largely about learning and exploring, and there's lots to see and learn here! Activities at Noisebridge include hanging out, working on personal or group projects, and scheduled or improptu workshops and classes on a range of topics, from foreign languages to photography, lockpicking, woodworking, computer programming and mathematics.

Not "child-safe"

We have not limited what we like to explore or discuss according to anyone's notions of "appropriateness" for children. Thus, anyone entering the space can be exposed to adult-themed ideas, concepts, language and items. We also have some tools and materials that can be hazardous for children or adults if used improperly. Children are as welcome in the space as any other person - just be prepared for what they may encounter.

Some times are better than others

We have many scheduled activities in the space, and many of us have day jobs. You can coordinate the time of your visit to ensure that you can find people to talk with (and to let you into the building!).

  • Are you new? Wondering when to drop by? Come by any evening - you don't have to wait for a class or a meeting. Any night there will be people hanging out, and you're welcome to show up, say "I'm new!" and get a tour, join an outing for food, or just relax and work on your laptop until a conversation of interest comes up.
  • If you're interested in particular activities, check out our schedule, posted on the main page of this site.
  • If you'd like to come during unstructured time and talk with lots of people, after hours is best.
  • If you'd prefer a quieter environment, come earlier in the day.
  • You're unlikely to find many people in the space before noon on most days.

Our code of conduct

Our code of conduct is "be excellent to one another". Please respect the other people you meet at Noisebridge and the Noisebridge space itself. We welcome visitors because we believe in our community and want to share the things we're working on with everyone.

Other people's stuff

Please try to be careful with the things you find at Noisebridge, and recognize that the things on shelves are other people's stuff.

Hostile network

The network at Noisebridge - like any public network - should be regarded as potentially hostile. This means that you should assume that any unencrypted communications over the network could (and most likely are) be monitored by others. Examples of vulnerable communications include POP3/IMAP email clients, most web browsing, IRC/AIM and similar chat protocols that are often not encrypted. While no issues have come up to date, and our code of conduct opposes malicious monitoring of others, it is wise to be aware of the potential. Stick to using SSL or secure tunnels or VPNs for anything that uses a password or that you otherwise wouldn't want other people to read. If you don't know how to protect your communications with encryption, many people at Noisebridge would be glad to help you out! Noisebridge Class Pwn_Your_Own is a good place to get more information about security concerns. although not as secure as SSL, Secure Tunnels, or VPN's noise bridge also has Secure_wifi available for both testing and more secure browsing, WEP, WPA, and WPA2 networks have been made available. However, it is also recommended that other precautions be taken than simply using the secured network.